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Cast off! Choose a 2-day/1-night stay combining getting away and discovery. A mixture between a change of scene and authentic charm with a getaway trip to Ouessant or Molène, as well as your complete immersion at Océanopolis, in a world tour of the oceans. Stay a night in a double room at a 2-, 3- or 4-star hotel, depending on availabilities.

If you are leaving from the Port of Brest, take advantage of a range of 2- to 4-star hotels. Extend your stay by exploring the maritime heritage of the city, its natural harbour, the National Maritime Museum in the Castle, its ports, etc.

Depending on what suits you, the crossing between the mainland and the island of Molène or Ouessant, can be made from the Port of Brest, lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes (Molène) and 2 hours (Ouessant), and by which you will discover the Brest harbour ‘Goulet' (channel); or from the Port of Le Conquet, lasting 30 minutes (Molène) and 1 hour (Ouessant). During your crossing, you may be lucky enough to see dolphins, as well as grey seals, which are common in the turquoise waters of archipelago.

There is free parking near the Brest harbour station (some Blue Zone parking spaces). At Le Conquet's harbour station, there is limited parking (free in the low season). However, several paying car parks are at your disposal within 10 to 15 minutes' walk from the harbour station, or you can take the 5-minute shuttle.

For only 1 or 2 days on the island of Ouessant, we recommend two services that will help you get the best from the various natural surroundings:

- Rent a bicycle for 1, 2 or 3 days from €11 per person (from age 3), and child seat (under 18 kg) free.

- Take a guided tour of the island by bus from €15/person including transfers to/from Port Stiff-Lampaul town centre. This leaves at 1.30 pm, from the car park behind the Church. The guided tour lasts for over two hours, 45 minutes of which involves walking and exploring the western point of the island. The themes covered will be on the history of Ouessant, life on the island, its traditions, its lighthouses, and its fauna and flora. The tour ends at Port du Stiff.

Molène: During your stay discover the Molène Semaphore; a site that is emblematic of the island. This interactive space will tell you of the daily life and tasks of these lookouts, as well as the history of the place and how it worked. The wreck of the English steamer, the Drummond Castle in 1896 and the rescue operations carried out by SNSM (national sea-rescue association) are also recollected. The semaphore is open from 10 am to the time the last boat leaves: 7 days a week during school holidays (except February) and on weekends, bank holidays and bank holiday weekends from the month of May and June. Open 7 days a week in September. Free admission

Also enjoy the island's peacefulness, when walking, fishing, and going on sea trips, depending on what interests you most.

Océanopolis, the marine discovery park: Then Travel the seas and discover the underwater world by visiting Océanopolis, the Marine Discovery Park. 3 different themes will have you tour warm seas, travel to the heart of the ice-bound poles and dive underwater off the coast of Brittany. There are more than 10,000 animals, magical films, and lots of fun and educational activities that will have you dreaming. From mid-April, discover the new Océanopolis stars: 2 otters and 2 seals!
Ideally, we advise you to plan a full day on site.

Booking method:

Full payment when booking online.


Additional information:

- Your e-mail and vouchers should be printed out and presented to the service providers on your arrival.
- We recommend that you to turn up at least 30 minutes before the boat leaves, to collect your ticket in exchange for this document.
- Boat times (subject to modification by the ferry company):
Outward trip: leaving Brest at 8.20 am, leaving Le Conquet at 9.45 am.
For the return: leaving Molène at 5.30 pm. Leaving from Ouessant at 5 pm.
- Do not go to the cash desks, but show your Océanopolis admission ticket at the entry gates. We recommend you plan at least 3 hours in which to visit the site and ideally a full day.
- Your travel documents containing this ticket will be handed over to you at the Brest Tourist Office reception desk.
- When you arrive on the island of Molène, you can either go into the town on foot (800 metres) or take the shuttle (€2.50 per trip).
- In Ouessant, the town of Lampaul is 4km from the harbour station. There are several ways of getting there: shuttle (from €3.50 return trip) - on foot - by bike - by taxi.




This programme includes

For 2 people, the package includes:

  • 1 return crossing depending on the choice of departure harbour (Brest or Le Conquet).
  • A night in a 2-, 3- or 4-star hotel on the mainland (breakfast depending on the hotel chosen)
  • 1 entry to Océanopolis.


This programme does not include

The package does not include:

  • Transport (excluding sea crossing)
  • Visitor's and additional taxes.
  • Breakfast (depending on hotel chosen)
  • Costs of a private nature
  • Catering not mentioned in the programme.