The ocean call

Feel like a get-away trip to sea? You'll be delighted to know that the sea is never far away when you're at the tip of Finistère! Above all else, Brest is a city that is resolutely ocean-oriented.

Its magnificent natural harbour is one of the most beautiful in Europe, and will introduce you to the delights of sea air, the islands and coastline, etc., and its ports offer the ideal setting for when you are relaxing among friends. Ready to set sail?

Seabound outings, swimming, strolls along the coastline...What takes your fancy? Don't worry, there's plenty of choice. In summer, why not start with an invigorating swim! The Rade de Brest opens onto the Atlantic, and offers a rich selection of beaches. Moulin Blanc, Pointe du Petit Minou, etc. There's no need to go far to cool off. And once your swim is over, head for the Port de Commerce, where an abundance of cafés and restaurants welcome you to the waterside. Unless you would prefer the clinking of the masts that is so typical of the marina? In Brest, you'll be delighted to discover Port du Moulin Blanc and Port du Château, whilst at Plougastel-Daoulas, the Port du Tinduff and its tall ships, and Port de  l'Auberlach are ready and waiting!

Yet to best explore the beauty of the Rade (natural harbour), there's nothing to beat an ocean-going vessel, following in the wake of Bougainville, La Pérouse and other great sailors who set out to sea from Brest. Go along to the Port de Commerce, where you can step aboard for a lovely cruise across the Rade - all 180 km² of it, connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the famous Goulet de Brest channel, 1.8 km across, to the west. Further along, the islands of Molène and Ouessant (Ushant) await you for days out that are refreshingly different, and timeless.

Make the thrill of sailing your own! And if you'd prefer to stay peacefully on the quayside, don't forget to come and admire the gigantic liners which regularly stop over in Brest.

Are you sporty ? If so, it's time you discovered watersports. Windsurfing, kayak, kite surfing, optimist's all here! A multitude of clubs and specialist stores are ready to welcome you. Close to the city centre, the Moulin Blanc beach, with its hordes of windsurfers, should give you an inkling of just how popular watersports are in Brest! And watersports are also synonymous with festivities and fun. Tall ship gatherings, regattas, etc.


As Brittany's number one marina, Brest knows how to celebrate sailing!