Escape to the natural world

Bordered by the sea and by the very tip of Finistère, Brest is a natural city with more than its fair share of lovely walks. Surrounded by remarkable natural sites, the city centre is jam-packed with green spaces and places to stroll. A wander along the coast, a picnic with the family, a run through a thoroughly natural environment or a discovery walk.

Each person has their own way of exploring the delights of the verdure as it blends seamlessly into the city's maritime atmosphere!

Brest Métropole Océane is a set of eight communes which, between them, boast more than 800 hectares of green spaces.

On the programme: preserved landscapes, a great many coastal paths, both natural and ‘developed' panoramic viewpoints overlooking one of the world's vastest natural harbours - and all this, in a mild ocean climate that is friendly to a diverse range of plants. Lovers of the natural world, you'll be in your element here!

Just a few shorts steps from the city centre, several exceptional sites are ready to greet you, beginning with the Stang Alar Valley - a jogger's paradise, and home to a national botanic conservatory - the second biggest in Europe - which is not to be missed. And if the many species of endangered plants and the wide open areas for walking aren't enough to satisfy you, just a few steps further will suffice. A little to the east is the Costour Valley, a superb stretch of natural greenery, complete with a lake, where both body and mind will find nourishment! And there's more: The Keroual Woods, the banks of the Penfeld, the Parc d'Eole - in Brest, natural getaways never come to an end, so perfectly does the greenery lie alongside the natural harbour washed with spray... This is what the Rade is all about. It's such a treat to look out over it, on a long walk with friends!

And there are always plenty of opportunities to do so. To the east, the Albert-Louppe bridge, exclusively reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, will make the Rade your own, as you tower over it from a height of more than 30 metres. To the west, is the Goulet de Brest channel - through which every boat in the Rade must pass. A walk to Pointe du Diable, which separates the coves of Sainte-Anne du Portzic and Dellec will reward you with an unobstructed view over the Goulet, its ships and cargos - while improving  your endurance  along the coastal path! Serious walkers will, of course, find other paths to suit their capacities: 30 walking circuits are available within the Brest Métropole Océane area, as well as 4 multi-use circuits used by walkers and mountain-bikers as well as horse-riders. Let's get out and about!