The team

General Manager

Marc DORIA - Directeur Général

Administrative & Financial Management

Anne-Marie MAHIER - Administrative & Financial Manager

Violette GALLIMARD - Management Assistant/E-shop manager


Valérie BROUARD -Department manager

Tourist office of brest

Vinciane QUEMENEUR - Stay advisor

Justine BERTHOU- Stay advisor

Céline ROUX - Stay advisor /Quality Approach Manager

Laurence THOMAS - Stay advisor / Accommodation manager / Guide

Tourist office of Plougastel

Anne-Gaëlle SELES - Stay advisor / Digital animator territory

Development, communication & press department

Olivier HENNE -Development, Communication and Press Office Management

  • Development (Consultancy & assistance for project holders (obtaining certification, grading, etc.)
  • Communication (paper publications, advertisements, off-line communication)
  • Press (press reception)

E-tourism department

Sandrine BERTHELE - E-tourism manager / Digital animator territory

  • On-line communication - Website, community management, e-marketing, web support & advice

Reception and conference department

Annaïg LESCOP - Reception and conference manager

Delphine LE LOUARN -Reception and conference assistant

Guided tours department

Mireille KERVELLA - Guided tour manager / Guide