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The Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office opened this website to provide information for its users. It is strictly prohibited to make use of all or part of the data presented within, without obtaining authorization from the Brest Métropole Océane Tourist Office in writing beforehand. This page provides details of the legal terms applicable to each visitor to this website. The consultation of this site implies the unconditional acceptance and application of the provisions laid out in this document.


Liability - Warranty exclusions

a) The Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office has done its utmost to ensure the accuracy of all the information provided on its website. Despite the care taken in the choice of information placed online, it may yet contain errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Under no circumstances may Brest Métropole Océane Tourist Office be held contractually liable for any possible temporary and unexpected errors that may occur on the website. Moreover, the information communicated on this website may be modified and updated without prior notice.


b) Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office may not be held liable for damages of any nature whatsoever, whether material or immaterial, direct or indirect, whatever the causes may be (including caused by the possible distribution of a virus or computer fraud) or the consequences resulting from the consultation of this website, its use, the content therein and use made of it, and even the inability to gain access to it, with the exception of direct damages resulting from wilful misconduct or gross negligence on behalf of Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office.

c) In addition, Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office may not be held liable for any hyperlinks placed on this website to complement the information or content therein; nor for any content on external websites designating this website by a hyperlink, since the Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office has no control over these completely independent websites. Any user of this website and its links should take the necessary measures to protect themselves from any viruses transmitted during their visit to this site or sites accessible by links through this website. Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office cannot guarantee that the server hosting the site is exempt from viruses., Nor can it guarantee against a technical problem arising that could damage the components of the user's computer or the data stored therein. All things considered, neither Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office nor one of its subcontractors may be held liable for any damage whatsoever resulting from a connecting to this website.



a) The whole of this website and the presentation of each element therein, including logos, graphics, photos, plans, videos, sound files, etc., shown on the site, are protected by the current French and international legislation on intellectual property and are the exclusive property of the Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office.


b) With regard to intellectual property, no licence or any other right is conferred on anyone other than the right to visit the site. Reproduction of website documents is authorised for the sole purpose of providing information for personal and private use: any reproduction and any use of copies made for other purposes is strictly prohibited.

c) Use of documents: any information, image, video, advertising campaign, etc. is protected as indicated above. These creations retain third-party copyrights (i.e. photographers, models, illustrators, producers, etc.), which have been transferred and negotiated by mutual agreement. In this respect and in this specific context all the reproduction, representation and public communication rights, including documents for download representing creations (posters, press, films, etc.), are reserved.

No commercial use is authorized and the clauses a) b) c) of this paragraph are applicable. Any failure to comply with the above clauses may be considered and infringement of copyright and may incur the perpetrator's civil or criminal liability.


Private data

On providing the Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office with personal data through this website, each visitor grants full transferable rights in this respect to the Brest Métropole Oceane Tourist Office and authorizes them to make use of it thereof. The information communicated by visitors in this way, under their sole responsibility, shall be considered non-confidential and must be accurate, lawful, and must not be detrimental to the interests of third parties. Brest Métropole Océane Tourist Office undertakes not to disclose the personal data collected to third parties for commercial use.


At any time visitors can exercise their right to access, modify, rectify and delete any data concerning themselves (Article 34 of the "Informatique & Libertés" Law (Data protection act) dated 6 January 1978). 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" law (data protection act) dated 6th January 1978) To exercise this right, please contact us:

- By Post at: Office de Tourisme de Brest métropole océane - Place de la liberté - 29200 Brest - Finistère - France.
- By e-mail at:


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